Community Meals

Did you know that there are no hot meals available in Erie for those who need them on the weekends?  St. Stephen’s is teaming up with St. Mark’s and the Erie City Mission to serve dinners on the second Saturday of each month.

ECMWhat?  Pour yourself out for the hungry (Isaiah 58:10).  Volunteer to feed the hungry at the Erie City Mission!  Together with St. Mark’s on the 2nd Saturday of each month  we will prepare, serve and clean-up a hot meal.  The protein for each meal is donated. Giant Eagle (Harborcreek) provides dessert.  The churches provide the ingredients for the remainder of the meal.

Who?  Anyone who is in 9th grade or older may participate.  The City Mission encourages every participant to go observe a lunch meal cycle during the week and just touching base with them is all that’s necessary to make that happenEach meal requires only a total of 8-10 people.

When?  The dates for upcoming meals are August 13, September 10, and October 8.  The time commitment is about 2pm to 6:30/7pm.  There is a possibility of splitting shifts, so if some people want to prep and others want to clean-up that might work.

How Do I Sign Up?  Call

Susan Schuette:  814-460-9784 mobile or 814-474-4545 home

or  Danielle Bane: 304-282-0406 mobile  or  814-920-5115  home

1070 Dutch Road, Fairview, PA 16415 * 814.474.5490