One Service & Annual Meeting

Dear St. Stephen’s Family and Friends,

This past Sunday approximately 50 participants of our community heard the results from the survey about worship, asked and answered questions, and talked some of worship going forward.  The survey response overwhelmingly affirmed the move to one service and indicates support to continue on the same path.  I’m/we are aware that his arrangement isn’t perfect for everyone while we strive to seek God’s will and the will of the majority of people.  Thanks to everyone for your understanding and your courage to move boldly into the future God sets before us.  We will continue with one service at 9 AM for the foreseeable future.  Suggestions made in the context of the survey and the meeting notes will be taken into consideration as we look forward to worshiping together.

We also talked about postponing our Annual Meeting until we are able to hear some answers to the many questions all are asking in terms of next priest, staff, finances, property, and more.  While aware of how much the Bishop supports what we are doing here, we also hoped for him to be present for this year’s meeting.  Good News:  We’ve heard from Bishop Sean and our Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday afternoon, February 11, at 4 PM here at St. Stephen’s with him present.  More details on that soon! Love and blessings,


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