Spring Break

Dear St. Stephen’s Family and Friends,

Ah, Spring Break. Growing up in the City of Chicago, this week was called Spring Clean-Up Week. We literally all worked together to clean up city neighborhoods. Anything was better than being in school. Eventually in Barrington, Illinois, Spring Break took place the last week of March. I remember when I finally realized I could take some time off with my family even in Lent. When Holy Week (the week between Palm Sunday and Easter) fell the same week as Spring Break, there was always wailing and gnashing of teeth because that meant a drop in attendance. Of course it took years for me to realize that just as our members were travelling to see their families, others were travelling our way to visit their families. The Easter congregation was always a beautiful and interesting mosaic, which changed every year with the ebb and flow of parish family life.

Here in Fairview Spring Break falls the week before Easter. Who needs the break more? Teachers? School Administers? Children? Parents? (Probably mixed opinions on that.) Maybe our lives need the break no matter one’s age? I think so. Leave it up to the schools to invite us to take a deep breath, look around, and witness the pouring forth of new life after the throes of winter. It’s a break, a breath, and a pause. We all know that the following Monday life will be back to what life was before the break started but for nine days we are invited to stop, drop, reflect, act, and realign. And it’s no mistake that Spring Break and Easter often flow with or near each other. The Queen of Feasts, as Easter is called in catholic Christian faith, shouts to the world that new life springs forth from winter.

Wherever your break takes you, look up a local church on Easter and if it’s your family tradition, then attend. Visitors are always, always, a blessing. So they will be for us here. So you will be wherever you go. Happy Easter!

Love and blessings,


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