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Discernment – Service Times

Dear St. Stephen’s Family and Friends,

Planning processes are interesting.  Often while pursuing one direction another direction presents itself and draws nearly unanimous consent.  As the Planning Team discerned direction for the life of St. Stephen’s and as that vision was presented to the community on September 24, one item percolated to the surface in both cases at times with prompting and at times without.  The one item that kept rising to the surface was moving to one service.  There was sentiment for this idea from different “places” meaning people of all ages.  As the planning process unfolded, people made a point of mentioning how much they would like to draw the entire community together on Sunday mornings with one service.  The Bishop’s Committee talked this over at our last meeting and supported moving forward with the proposal of an experiment of one service at 9 AM beginning December 4, Advent I, and continuing through January 7, Epiphany Sunday.  What we need now is your feedback between today (October 12) and October 24, the date of our next Bishop’s Committee meeting.  You can direct your feedback to me in person or by email (ajohnson@dionwpa.org) or text/call (847-651-1323).  You can direct feedback to our Bishop’s Warden, Cindy Willis also in person, or by email (cindy@georgewillis.com), or also by phone.

After we’ve tried this for several weeks we will review how this arrangement is working and decide about going forward from there.  The decision will be made with community input.

Fall is here!  Enjoy God’s various masterpieces all around us.  See you in Church.

Love and blessings,


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