What to Expect

Come as you are. Really! Wear your Sunday best or come in jeans and a t-shirt, the choice is up to you.

9:00AM – Worship for all ages

An usher will welcome you and give you a bulletin, which will include everything that you need to follow along with the service. Please sit where you feel comfortable.

The Soft Space in the back of the church is for families with children 3 and under. It has coloring sheets and quiet toys to play with during worship. Items may be borrowed from the Soft Space if needed.

A Prayer Table is located in the back of the church. This is a place to offer up the prayers that are on your heart before or during worship. Please feel free to take a note card and writing utensil to your seat, or fill it out in the back. Prayers are collected before the offertory by one of the children.

Before Communion, everyone is invited to gather at the front of the church around the altar. Some people will not be able to join in, while others may not feel comfortable being up front, so we keep our circle open to the congregation. You are welcome to participate in whatever way is most comfortable.

At Communion, the bread and wine is distributed to the people around the altar first, just follow the crowd. If you remain in your seat, join the line down the center aisle to receive the bread and wine.

When worship has ended, please join us in our parish hall for some coffee and fellowship. Let’s get to know one another.

1070 Dutch Road, Fairview, PA 16415 * 814.474.5490